At this moment we are taking advantage of one of the most powerful free natural resources in the whole world, the sun!

People may get confused about how they should go for solar panels and plan for them.

In a nutshell, after picking up the best option for your home due to both environmental and financial issues, you could follow these three steps to have a clear idea about what should you do. Keep in mind that you are not alone here, both solar energy installers and local utility companies could give you essential information to help you with solar power energy for your home, but generally, you’d better know about some general points.

  • After performing research, consider the efficiency rate of your home energy
  • Investigate the accessibility of solar system potential to know the limitation
  •  Contemplate diversify options for solar panel installation
  • Evaluate the solar electricity needs
  • Submit installers and utility company recommendation for your home
  • Consider possible financial options and incitements
  • Cooperate with installer and utility to establish an agreement
Go Solar

What is the efficiency of a solar panel?

Before starting to power a home with solar energy and equipped with solar panels, homeowners must calculate the real potential and electricity consumption of their house to consider the suitable efficiency rate.

When customers are well aware of overall electricity usage, they could easily choose low-cost and facile solar panel installation with appropriate efficiency at the exact level we have measured and expected.

Try to consider the following steps to decrease electricity usage:

  • Investigate Home energy

This option can precisely help you to figure out which part of your home has been wasting energy but you didn’t know and how could you boost the efficiency of your home by solving the issue.

  • Pre-requisites and electronics

You should be known about what is the best way to use appliances and electrical devices to receive high efficiency from them. Most of the time people could profit from suitable electronics while they consider affordable investment on them.

  • Lightening

Using energy-efficient lightenings have been trending through last decades and probably you know acquainted with wide great merits due to saving electricity.

  • Heating Vs Cooling system

In our modern world, people constantly use electricity to both warm-up and cool their houses .this going to consume a large amount of electricity for each house.

However, you could achieve better results while you go for solar energy and reduce the total electricity usage.

Investigate the accessibility of solar system potential to know the limitation

It is pretty vital for customers that before they decide to go for solar, they could calculate the potential of solar energy production in your place.

Since the fact that Photovoltaic cells are able to produce energy from both direct and distributed light, United States has enough solar resources to provide solar electric energy for houses.

But be careful, still, we must pay attention that the amount of generated energy by solar panels depends on how much the panels are able to reach sunlight during the day and the size of the system.

Again we have various guideline services and relevant tools constantly approachable to be accompanied customers while they need to measure their home solar energy potential.  They will give you beneficial information on the estimated system size, efficiency and saving rate, potential, financial budget and where should you apply for local contractors.

This could be an excellent introduction for those of you to help you understand whether your address is suitable for solar or not.

And if not, how could you find alternatives to take advantage of solar power.

Although all of these tools are valuable, for more serious decisions you need to investigate your particular condition. Here, the technician can recommend an accurate perspective of your solar potential on account of detailed information.

 Consider the fact that:

Contractors will also evaluate the shading of the trees .either yours or the neighbors which could possibly shade on your solar system while they’ll grow in the future.

 Before solar panel installation, we may need to estimate the age of the roof, in some cases, we should change the roof before locating if they understand we need to improve it.

Also, you have to be aware of neighborhood rights and homeowner association restrictions because some states may limit home owner’s ability and restrict solar panel installation.

Installing Solar Panel

Contemplate diversify options for solar panel installation

People used to purchased and install a full solar panel system in the past. However, we have a different variety of recommendations for you without maintaining or buying a complete solar system either you are the home owners or you rent the house, mounting on the roof is not the only option to choose and go for solar

Evaluate the solar electricity needs

This option will help the local contractor to suggest to you some basic information like the main size and type of the system, measure the electricity use and provide a suitable plan for your home .considering the annual electricity bills will help you to estimate the total consumption in kilowatt-hours and remember, depending on the season, the usage will be different, sometimes more and sometimes less.

Try to forecast every kind of organized change. For instance, if you are going to add new electronic devices to your home, then need more power.

So you’d better follow multiple necessities to make the best decision in the end.

Submit installers and utility company recommendation for your home

While you are looking for a technician, be sure that the installers are eligible enough who are insured with professional certification. the solar industry-standard certification is from the North America association.  

Moreover, you could ask your families or friends who have already experienced solar panel maintenance to suggest you some useful websites, resources, and professionals. Although, there are some online tools to help you find out the best installers, receive at least three options for photovoltaic cells which are contingent upon your corresponding factors and particular metrics to have a logical comparison.

Consider possible financial options and incitements

For those categories who choose to purchase solar panel systems, there will be a tax.

By 2019, for small solar panels, 30 % of federal tax credit must be allocated. Little by little the tax rate has been decreased up to 22% in 2021 and totally expires in November 2021. Since you are not an owner of solar panel systems, either you pick out to purchase power or rent it, you don’t have to pay the taxes.

Cooperate with installer and utility to establish an agreement

Here the technician must help you complete the whole process and taking step by step to mount a suitable solar system for you.

After considering the types and size of the system, installers will continue the following step based on your needs:

First, how much solar resources do you use during the sunlight?

Second, what is the system orientation, angles, and tilt?

Third, how much is the system efficiency rate while it could reach the sunlight?

Fourth, the technicians must be sure about accurate installation with all relevant equipment they have to use.

Fifth, get familiar with how the system metrics, bills, and fees will work after you start to use solar energy !!


Contrary of what complicated situation we used to have for a solar panel like going for solar, paying and installing, nowadays they are different variety of possibilities to take advantage of labor-saving options to have solar panels and easily using the renewable energies but if you want to know step by step by more details, follow us and read other beneficial essays in our website.