Solar Basics

Solar Panel components
Solar panel components

Generally, a medium solar panel system contains varied major components.

  • Solar panel
  • Distribution panel
  • Invertors
  • Electric meters

All of these parts are mounted either on the roof or ground with each other.

Now let’s see, How do they work and what is the main responsibility?

  • Solar panel

Solar panels are mainly responsible to turn the sunlight directly into electricity (DC)

  • Distribution Panel

AC electricity passes the invertor to enter the distribution panel. From here they will flow to various parts of a building for people’s consumption.

  • Inverters

Solar panel supplies DC Power as they have converted from sunlight, but DC must be transmitted to AC electricity which is the current power to electrify our property.

  • Electric Meters

Electric meters are necessary to calculate the flow of electricity from the utility grid.

But if you have enough electricity even more than you need, they will be sent to the grid which we call net metering. We will discuss about it later.

Pros & Cons


  1. Decrease the Expenses

Using renewable solar energy will reduce the overall cost of electric bills and also you could manage the entire fixed cost.

  • High-Value purchasing process

Solar power contains a beneficial long-term investment on account of upfront financing in order to achieve cost-effective payback after a while.

  • Require adequate Space

Solar panels need an open space to be installed but in most cases, they will be mounted on unused areas like roofs, ground, walls and etc.

  • Easy to Maintain

As long as the panel could reach the sunlight, the electricity is easily generated for consumers. Furthermore, you could save the electricity rate and bills to control your overall budget so you can restore it for other cases.

  • Quickly recover the installation cost in a year

The 26% federal tax credit would recommend you to have 26% system cost returned on your debt federal tax. Moreover, farms and businesses could rapidly retrieve an extensive part of installation cost while they can benefit from 100% reduction and multiple donations. Sometimes the alternative benefits would be different from state to state.


  1. If there is problem with grid network or fail , your solar panel will stop working

Due to the security alignment grid network and solar system, the entire component must be equipped with quick shutdown and send the electricity from back to the grid.

This signifies whenever the electric grid collapse, your solar system will be shut down too till is accumulated to the grid.

This is considered as a necessary rule to keep human life safe especially those who are working on the electric lines.

  • Dependency to weather

Solar panels have to reach sunlight to turn it into electrical power. It is going to be impossible for your system to do the same on cloudy days and at night.

At this time the electric power will be drawn from net metering.

  • Prohibition notice

As we mentioned before, solar panels must be installed in open places but depend on the placement and unused area you will choose for mounting, size, and related equipment there could be unappetizing.

What Steps Should we take to go for Solar?

The main process of going solar is generally broken into six steps.

PTS Solar will guide you through explaining each step in detail to make sure everything is obviously clear and efficient for you.

  1. Solar Evaluation

Here, an appointment with you and a local consultant will be initiated to make an opportunity to discuss various objectives, clarify the obscurities and answer your question. For instance:

  • Which types of installation is good for you? Roof type or ground mounted?
  • How much does the solar energy cover your basic consumption?
  • Considering your electric bills, how much the size of the system must be?
  • We take major pictures from the position of panel box to let our designers and consultant an appropriate opportunity to prepare a simulated model before the solar installation.

Detailed Information

After few days after the appointment, the consultant will send a complete report with suitable recommendations by details based on your situation which would include the installation cost, the amount of payback you will receive after a period of time, multi-dimensional pictures of how your system will look like and ROI.

  1. Sign an agreement

After you consider the quote and make up a decision to go for solar, we will dedicate a project manager for your project to collect final information and get ready for the construction phase.

  • Official documentation and permits

Generally, projects will be taken place long “between” 2-4 months to begin, here we are responsible to complete some sort of important issue like documentation, roles, and condition.

  • Point of Entry for instructions

Both the project manager and the job site foreman will work together to make sure there isn’t any serious problem with the fundamental architecture. In the other words, they have to figure on if the building is clearly smooth to avoid any kinds of destructive issues in the future.

Both of them contribute in giving an updated report and information to make you sure what is happening inside of each part of the project by details and finally, construction for this condition is potentially on target and continued to dependence on what model and size of the project are and weather condition from a couple of days up to a couple of weeks.

But don’t be worry, we try to do our best for you!

  • Fair and square , it’s time to celebrate switch party

As soon as construction is ended up and received the official (acceptable) permissions and relevant confirmation, it’s time to celebrate the switch party.

Everything is ready to energize your system and generate electricity as much as you need.

How Much Solar panel cost for house? 

As we have already mentioned to the vast majority of great merits about solar energy, we should also pay attention to the fact that not every appropriate solution could cover every aspect of our demands, however, solar energy has the most efficient rate compared with other types of generating electricity.

The whole system is constantly designed to prepare energy as much as it could make sense to economic issues.

So, the generated energy by the solar panel must conform to your energy need while it has significant payback on financing.

Here, let’s have a brief glance at some main factors on the total cost for the solar panel.

  1. What type of installation must be contaminated according to customer’s condition?

Basically, roof-mounted types are appended to the existing framework.

Ground-type, wall-mounted, and carports need additional requirements to be completed, so the total cost would be increasing for both laborer fee and stuff.

  • What type of the solar panel are you going to choose?

Ordinarily, there are three primaries (fundamental) components.

  • Power density
  • Color
  • Crystalline solar structure

What is a power density in solar energy?

Here, we are talking about the amount of power that a solar panel is able to generate per unit of size. In the other words, the excessive cost per watt will be expected if the solar panel has the higher power-dense

What kinds of color do we have for solar cells?

Basically, the original color of solar cells is blue .then, there is a silver frame, several modules with a black frame, and a white back sheet .but those types which include a black back sheet or black cells are more expensive than the common type.

What is Crystalline Solar Structure ?

crystalline photovoltaic PV cells are the most popular forms of photovoltaic cells in solar technology.

crystalline PV Cells are special modules that have been built by crystalline silicon solar cells and taking advantage of boosted microelectronic technology. there is no hesitation that we could be witnessed of higher efficiency rate and outcome from crystalline silicon solar cells, that’s why they are the better choice to use instead of other forms of cells.


from many years ago, hundreds and hundreds of solar panels have been installed for different variety of personal and business is obviously clear that people prefer to use clean, cheap, and renewable energy instead of fossil fuel. the solar panel has been committed with the vast majority of profits for us and let us protect our environment more than past.

if you need more information in detail, read other information and essays on our website or you could talk to our consultant.

we are so glad to help you with solar.