Solar Panels, Easily affordable for homes, buildings, and businesses to generate electricity and maximize the saving rates.

What is a Solar Panel easy definition ?

Solar Energy

Save our Earth

It is often argued that the Global tension about fossil fuel consumption in wide range is increasing year by year because of non-renewable energy and negative impact on global warming, so a new (fresh-modern-contemporary) alternative has been found (used) as solar power to take advantage

Of powerful renewable source of energy, the sun, is more practical, reliable, and cost-effective. Although, there are the vast majority of various solar technologies are approachable, they are still not contemplated as prime candidate stream technologies in buildings all of which depend on three subtasks:

lack of awareness and knowledge about solar technology among various architecture, lack of the essential tools that could support the deigning process, and solar products deprivation designed for roofs (building) integration.

From 2009 to 2012, some countries decided to work on solar energy and architecture to promote solar systems and boost high qualified architecture. the result was participating fourteen countries with three major necessities, absorption criteria, and useful guidelines, relevant tools and methods to improve the architecture, intercommunication with multiple sections.  Investors have been promoting solar technology for more than a century to reduce (decrease) our dependency on fossil fuels.

so we could keep our planet earth safe, pure, and clear against green gases .in a nutshell, we are using a solar cell, which is also known as a photovoltaic cell, well-organized electrical tools to convert (turn) the energy of sunlight directly to electricity with photovoltaic effect intervention (interference) as a physical and chemical phenomenon. So, we are using the carbon-free renewable mechanism to increase the effectiveness of electricity productivity with less harmful results on earth to make it warmer and warmer.

Solar panel Diagram

    This is going to raise energy by the silicon block regularly embedded in solar system architecture (infrastructure) which is going to operate with 22 % of efficiency.

to consider some public beliefs about solar panels, at first sight, we should ask how they could be highly efficient in cool or rainy weather contrary to what main reason they have been explained?

The answer contains in the overall functionality of the solar system. Solar panels provide energy from sunlight, not from the sun’s heat and the total output of electricity will be more efficient in cooler conditions than the warmer ones.

It could be rarely acceptable if you heard about the well-supported transitioning of sunlight to electricity in frigid weather as same as previous conditions but don’t be worry, we will discuss it in more detail, later then.

However, economic issues and people’s ability to pay for the new technologies are still the main barriers, and also some significant factors like location, time of day, season, and weather conditions are still important, as many of them maybe be worried about the total cost of installation, maintenance, and lifetime circulation, through 20-30 years of working (even longer than that), the price will be divided into three main categories .47% is allocated to pre-requisites like a solar panel, inverter and mounting equips, then 35% of the cost will be spent in installation, permits, and interconnection. monitoring, maintenance, and repairing will be taken as the rest of the essential considerations.

There must be many appropriate choices that could encourage customers to spend money and count on solar power because home solar and batteries are an excellent preference (alternatives-election) which gives you adequate management over the electricity consumption. meanwhile, they will recommend freedom from the utility companies with predictable electric bills statistics.

Moreover, people are competently staying clear of peak electricity rates and take advantage of reliable backup power when the grid falls out. since the electricity costs have been raised through the past ten years, solar service compliance has low and predictable rates that are usually less priceless than electric companies’ rates.

What is Solar photovoltaic ?

Also, the energy can be stored in solar batteries which are basically used with a solar generator to produce electricity and supply power after sunset for electricity usage. We call them photovoltaic, a typical conversion of sunlight into electricity.

Crystal silicon is a kind of crystal from silicon that is used in making crystal solar panels (PV-Mono and poly Crystal) and photovoltaic technologies in a wide range( don’t be worry we will discuss different types later). Silicon is playing the most serious role in designing solar panel architecture. the more pureness does the silicon has, the more capability we will face within solar panel systems to turn sunlight into electrical power.

What are the different types of solar mounting systems?

once you have picked up the solar panel on account of budget, environment, and energy need, it is time to choose the suitable type according to take the best outcomes.

Perhaps we know that in the generation of electricity, solar power recommends proper advantage to take such as no environmental issues like air, water pollution, unbounded supply, and no burning fuel.

  • Roof Mounted Racks.
  • Ground Mounted Racks.
  • Top-of-pole Mounted Racks.
  • Side-of-pole Mounted Racks.

What is roof mounted solar?

Roof solar panel is the most popular type you could find in the market .as you might have heard about it, it must normally face with west or south to receive the direct sunlight. so, it is obviously clear that cloudy weather and air pollution could rarely give a proper chance to choose the roof type and if the above-mentioned conditions do not meet your demand, the ground one would be the best alternatives. PTSSolar prefers to help you go solar and take advantage of customer services and professional consultants for better installation.

Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

What are ground mounts?

Ground-type is consisting of panels that are mounted regularly on the ground and they are placed a few inches to be installed on the ground. Well-organized settlement is chosen to maximize solar energy absorption and high-qualified outcomes.

Ground Type Solar Panel

For ground-mounted type solar panels are divided into two types:

  • Standard mounted solar panel

Standard solar panels are embedded into the ground to secure the panels at a fixed angle. However, it must be adjusted with the sun’s seasonal shift to receive direct sunlight.

  • Pole mounted solar panels  

If you don’t want to install your panel on the ground or the roof space condition is insufficient or impractical and also you have fewer restrictions (limitation|) to choose where you can locate your solar panels, the pole-mounted type could be qualified decisions to make. the installation process is also easy far away from pernicious effects from the ground, simply facilitate the cleaning process from dust and snow, moreover. But because it is necessary for a wide portion of land to be allocated to solar installation so it tends to be limited to the commercial market which means it is widely used for large private properties.


Can solar panels be mounted on a wall?

If we do not have an adequate place to derive into the ground, choosing a wall-mounted is another suitable decision to make. It is pretty vital that we should note the sun’s position whenever we decide to find the best place to locate solar panels for maximizing sunlight absorption, which means the sun never stands on motionless circumstances and dynamically changing the position which will make a challenging situation to evaluate solar panel they are basically configured to speed up the installation process and produce a secure structure which is certainly design for PV modules to decrease the amount of components .

for top pole mounted ,installers must be dig a hole with 18 inches to 2 feet and the depth of the hole must be about 1/2 height of the pole on the top of the ground .

Side of pole mounted racks are basically designed to keep and maintain 2 up to 4 modules and they can be easily adjustable for optimal angle to face directly with sun from 15 to 65 degree.

Tilt angle or Elevation angle

  What can be shown a serious matter for us, is to grab the maximum beneficial conclusion from free solar power energy to guarantee the solar panels are appropriately oriented contrary of what position the sun will be shifted during the day. there are two common models of establishing wall-mount types: horizontal and vertical.

We will discuss the differences later.

Wall-Mounted Solar Panel